Office supplies reviewed for ‘toxic’ pesticides

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has recently launched an investigation into whether some of the latest office supplies are actually “toxic” chemicals.

The regulator, which is looking at the potential for consumers to be misled by a website or product, says its looking into whether the website is misleading.

The ACCC says it is looking into the following website products: Office supplies for use on computers, printers, scanners and scanners.

Office supplies for office equipment such as office chairs, tables and desks.

Office products that contain the same chemical in two or more concentrations.

The consumer watchdog says the products are not labeled as “toxins” or “potentially harmful”.

It says they may also be misleading.

“We are concerned that some products may not be labeled as such, because consumers may be uncertain about whether a product is suitable for their needs,” the ACCC said in a statement.

“While we do not recommend that people buy office supplies that are intended for use in their home, we recommend that you do not purchase office supplies which are not marked as such.”

Consumer groups have slammed the commission’s move, saying the ACCCs watchdog is targeting the very products it is trying to warn consumers about.

“The commission’s investigation into the sale of office supplies for personal use is likely to produce a number of questions and concerns about the safety of office equipment and office supplies,” Consumer Council national director Richard Marris said.

“There is no doubt that there are potentially toxic chemicals in some office supplies but there are also legitimate concerns about products that consumers may not have considered, particularly in the context of the widespread use of computer, printer and scanner equipment.”‘

It’s not a very good idea’ The Consumer Council’s consumer rights expert Richard Marrs says the ACC’s move is “not a very nice thing”.

“There’s a lot of concern about the fact that these are actually toxic chemicals that have been manufactured and used for a very long time and that they have been in the market for a long time,” he said.

“So I think that consumers are not particularly happy about it, but they shouldn’t be concerned about it because there’s nothing to worry about.”

He says consumers should only purchase products they need, and that companies should be able to prove that their products are safe.

“There’s no doubt the consumers should be informed and be reassured that there’s no risk of poisoning,” Mr Marrs said.

He says the commission should also look at the quality of the product.

“It’s very important to be aware of the quality and safety of any product you buy, because the quality can vary a lot depending on the manufacturing process and how it’s packaged,” he added.

“If there’s a problem with any of these office supplies they should be recalled, because they could be contaminated.”

Consumer advocates have called on the ACC to do more to protect the health of the Australian public.

They say the commission needs to investigate the claims made by some of these companies and make sure they are safe and effective.

“We would like the commission to review its guidelines to make sure that they are clear, are accurate and don’t mislead consumers,” consumer rights activist and legal specialist Paul Kennedy said.

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