A ‘new’ brand of ‘silicone’ is making its way into the office supply market

A “new” brand of “silicone” is making the rounds of office supply shops, and it’s being marketed in a way that has raised eyebrows among the industry’s biggest names.

“It looks like a silicone that has been sitting on a shelf in the garage, but you won’t find it in the office,” said Steve Lacey, an executive at the office supplies maker Capitol.

“You’ll see it on a range of different things.

Some of it is a polymer and some of it’s silicone.

The range is vast.”

It’s not just the packaging that has caused a stir, either.

The company’s website describes it as “silicon-based, water-resistant, non-toxic, easy to clean and safe for the environment”.

It says its products are “pre-cleaned and free from harsh chemicals and contaminants”.

The products are also free from mercury, arsenic and cadmium.

“If you’re buying a lot of silicone in a certain part of the world, you’re getting a lot less of it than if you were buying it in Australia,” Mr Lacey said.

“And I think that is something that needs to be taken into account.

It’s the fact that you’re paying for a product that you don’t get.”

Mr Lacy said the new brand, Silicone A-Z, was coming from the company’s headquarters in Melbourne, Australia.

“The office supply world is pretty fragmented, so we were really keen to be able to get our product in a very, very small number of offices in Australia.

We have a big, well-established company here in Melbourne and we are very proud of that.”

The company claims it will be available by the end of 2018.

While it may be the first brand to make an official appearance in Australia, there have been a number of other silicone-based products in the market.

These include the recently launched Lips, which is available in a range that includes the “silica” and “polyurethane” brands.

In addition, there are a number silicone-containing products such as the “Silicone A” brand and “Silica” from Australian company Susholab.

“There are a lot more companies that are producing these products, but it’s not a large market,” Mr Poulter said.

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