How to fix your office supply shop


— You may have noticed an increase in the number of office supplies available at your local grocery store.

The latest item to arrive is the Bisbee office supplies line, which will have a new location in the Twin Cities metro area.

The Bisbee company said its offices will offer more than 1,000 different office supplies in the store, which is set to open Nov. 3.

The new Bisbee store is the second to come to the Twin States after the retail giant announced a partnership with Target in June.

Bisbee is known for its office supplies and has an extensive product line, including office accessories and furniture.

In May, the company announced a nationwide collaboration with

The Twin Cities is the fourth Twin States metro area to be added to the Bisbees inventory, after Seattle, Minnesota and Minneapolis, Minnesota.

A Bisbee spokesman said the new Bisbees store will be a place for shoppers to find the most up-to-date products, while also offering shoppers the opportunity to buy in bulk at a discount.

The store is also a new option for employees, as employees will be able to purchase more products for their offices.

The company said the Bisbecs office supplies store is part of a partnership between Bisbee and Target.

The partnership allows customers to purchase office supplies at a reduced price from Target in Target stores.

The retail giant said the company will offer a wide range of office accessories, including desks, chairs, computers, monitors, desk runners and other office supplies.

The stores, which have an estimated 15,000 employees in the Minneapolis and St. Paul areas, are part of Target’s larger headquarters-based stores.

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