Rents rise to record levels in Dublin city centre

Renters in Dublin City Centre are having to take the extra cash they earn to cover their rent, according to new figures released by the Rents and Landlords Association.

The figure for April is the highest for the year, rising by over 8pc to €919.20.

This is the biggest increase in the year and represents a 1.2pc rise on the same period last year.

It also is up on the year-on-year increase of 1.6pc in the previous quarter.

The increase is a sign of growing frustration and frustration over rising rents in Dublin, which has been among the worst-affected areas.

The Rents, Landlords and Businesses Association’s figures also show a 3pc rise in rent rises for the first six months of the year compared with the same time last year and a 3.1pc rise for the last six months.

Rent prices rose by 10.3pc in April, up from a 2.5pc increase in March.

This was also higher than the 6pc rise recorded in March, although it is lower than the 11.3 per cent rise recorded last year, the figures show.

Rents in Dublin’s outer ring are already the highest in the country, rising 4.7pc to almost €1,600 a week.

While the overall figures for the country are down, in Dublin there is still an increased share of rents going up to an 11.7 per cent increase, up 2.9pc from last year’s 8.9 per cent.

Rental rates are highest in Dublin with the city’s median house value rising by 4.3 percentage points to €3.2 million, the Ralls report shows.

In Dublin, the median rent for a one-bedroom apartment is €2,928.

The average for a two-bedroom property is €1.3 million.

The median rent in Dublin is also the highest of all metropolitan regions.

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